About Limor Ben-Noon & Co.


The law firm of Limor Ben Noon & Co.is a prestigious boutique firm specializing in the fields of commerce and litigation, with explicit specialty in the field of franchise, a complex and varied practice field, in which the firm of Limor Ben Noon & Co. is considered a leader Israel.

Our firm has many years of experience in representing clients, domestic and foreign alike, and in providing counsel on a variety of intricate legal matters. The firm's clients include some of Israel's largest retail companies, food and fashion chains, traded public companies and more.


Head of the firm, Adv. Limor Ben Noon, is one of Israel's most prominent commercial attorneys, with over two decades of experience in varied legal activities.


Alongside the field of franchises, in which she is considered a market leader, Adv. Ben Noon is widely active in the field of commercial litigation, with many legal precedents under her belt from various instances of court and arbitration institutions alike.


Adv. Limor Ben Noon's professional specialty was accumulated by counselling many of Israel's most prominent and well-known companies and retail chains, both in the wider scope of commercial law and in their activity centered on matters regarding franchises and retail.


Adv. Ben Noon's unique specialty, coupled with her reputation, gained due to her many successes, put her in the forefront of the legal arena in her fields of expertise.


The firm's team is comprised of professional attorneys, which grant further depth to the firm's base of knowledge and give it a youthful, dynamic touch. The firm's attorneys provide their clients with legal counsel on the highest level, while adhering to the highest professional quality of service and believing whole-heartedly that proper quality can be reached only by a small, dedicated team, which puts its clients' best interests above all.


The law firm of Limor Ben Noon & Co. is a specialty boutique firm, providing its clients with first-rate treatment that is personal, available and of the highest standard. Our firm's fundamental principles are to provide legal counsel on the highest level while utilizing creative thinking, and above all – an uncompromising commitment to the client, with a personal, open approach.


We are proud to say that we have been loyal to our path for many years, and have continuously maintained the high standards we set for ourselves. This commitment is reflected in the accolades that our firm receives from clients and colleagues from the legal profession.

Limor Ben Noon & Co. is not only a quality boutique firm, it's family. We invite you to join our family. Here for you.




Adv. Limor Ben Noon Nahmany


Adv. Limor Ben-Noon-Nahmany is the firm's founding partner and head of Limor Ben-Noon & Co. law firm.

Adv. Limor Ben-Noon-Nahmany is chairman of the Israeli bar committee of contract & franchising.

Limor is one of Israel's most prominent commercial attorneys, focusing on the field of litigation, alongside the field of retail and franchise, in which she has been a market leader for the past decade.

Limor has amassed her specialty in the realm of commercial law through providing regular counsel to many of Israel's best-known companies and chains, in their routine activity in all fields of commercial law.

During her years of experience, Limor has successfully managed complex issues pertaining to a multitude of matters, including setting legal precedents and implementing uniform work processes in all matters pertaining to franchise law and the activity of domestic and international chains in Israel.

In addition to her prominence throughout the commercial field and in the field of franchise in particular, Limor has copious experience in conducting high profile, intricate litigation cases.

In this capacity, Limor provides representation to leading private and public companies, and provides them legal counsel on a long list of matters, including inter alia:


·         Commercial disputes regarding banking

·         Corporation law, especially disputes between controlling shareholders

·         Real Estate, with emphasis on major claims in matters regarding building defects and liquidation of partnership

·         Environmental law

·         Widespread legal activity in matters of Intellectual Property

·         Legal representation on matters regarding breach of contract

·         Regular counsel in the field of Labor law

·         Etc.

Limor's vast knowledge, her uncompromising dedication to providing her clients with personal service, and her widespread experience and reputation she has earned in the fields of franchises and litigation, have manifested in a number of precedent-creating rulings in favor of her clients, that are regularly referenced to in similar proceedings.

This legal professionalism, coupled with her legal creativity, grant Limor a place of honor among Israel's leading attorneys in these matters.

Limor started her professional path at the law firm of Dr. Y. Segev & Co., which specializes in civil litigation in general in especially in complex litigation disputes, in all aspects of commercial law and real estate.

Limor is a certified Notary. Before being admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1996, Limor interned the law offices of Etgar, Gra, Platt & Co., which specialize mainly in the fields of civil litigation and real estate.


Fields of Expertise


·         Franchising

·         Litigation (in the fields thus specified)

·         Franchising law

·         Corporate law

·         Contracts

·         Labor Law



Bar Ilan University, 1996 (Ll.B)


Member of the Israeli Bar

Israeli Bar Association, 1996



Hebrew, English



 e-mail: office@lbn-law.co.il
Telephone: 972-3-7513777
Fax: 972-3-7513778